NoMiracle is an integrated project in FP6 developing methods and models for risk assessment of mixtures of chemicals and combinations of chemicals and natural stressors such as pathogens and climatic factors.

The project integrates environment and human health. Refined methods are now available for bioavailability, biodegradation, and effect and risk assessment of chemicals and combinations of chemicals and natural stressors. A large database on mixture toxicity has been produced using an array of species and biological active compounds for toxicity testing. New information regarding the applicability of the classical models of independent action and concentration addition has been obtained that can inform the use of these models in risk assessment. A new, effective tool for joint effect assessment has been developed based on the Dynamic Energy Budget theory. Chemicals and natural stressors can now be analysed like chemical mixtures. Assessment of bioavailability of chemicals is markedly improved by introducing the concept of Chemical Activity. Regulators and industries get an array of tools for risk assessment and a more solid scientific basis for setting safety factors and implementing guidelines and regulations for chemicals.

Duration: 2004-2009

PEER Participants: Alterra, CEH, JRC, DCE, SYKE, UFZ