METIER Final Conference



The idea of the METIER Final Conference is to gather all the participants of the seven METIER training courses and invited key note lecturers to discuss ways to tackle the complex challenge of climate change - water availability -biodiversity conservation - sustainable land use.

There will be presentations from young and senior researchers, presentations from policy-makers or other societal leaders, and working groups discussing the issues.

The conference will be held at the very centre of the European quarter in Brussels, in the emblematic Charlemagne Building, just besides the Berlaymont where the EU Commissioners have their offices.

Final Conference Programme


  • Presentations on recent developments in methods of interdisciplinary environmental research (remote sensing for atmosphere, land surface and water, information management, geo-visualization, ecological modelling, scenario and forecast development etc.);
  • Presentations by early-stage researchers on their projects using these methods;
  • Presentations by policy makers and practitioners about their demands on environmental research and data and results acquired by environmental research activities;
  • Discussions about recent methodological developments between advanced and young researchers addressing the development of future research strategies;
  • Discussions between young researchers and policy makers and practitioners in order to foster mutual understanding, enable young researchers to better target their research to the needs of users and to contribute to a better, more efficient use of research results in environmental policies.