European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum (EEEN2020) in Helsinki

The EEEN2020 takes place in Helsinki, Finland from 4-5 November 2020. The workshop´s title reads: „Environmental Evaluation Supporting the Implementation of SDGs and Transformative Policymaking“.

Panorama of Helsinki with Cathedral. Source: bearinthenorth,  Pixabay

UN Sustainable Development Goals are meant to guide decision-making within and across different policy sectors to tackle the persistent environmental and social challenges of our time. In the European context, many environmental issues are among those sustainability questions that require most pressing action as e.g. the SOER2020 report highlights. This means that environmental issues can no longer be addressed in isolation and that the interconnections of environmental and social phenomena need to be addressed both in policy making and evaluation.

Sustainability transformations are hindered and promoted by a whole range of policies that do not abide to sectoral domains. This makes policy evaluation increasingly complex both in terms of encompassing mixes of policy goals and instruments within and across sectors, as well as taking into account the long timeframes and complicated causal chains linked to transformation.


The European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum (EEEN 2020 Forum) addresses these challenges by concentrating on the following topics:

  1. Development of environmental evaluation approaches from the SDG and transformation perspectives
  2. Learning from and across (environmentally focused) sustainability evaluations and audits in different settings
  3. Evaluations of sustainability actions in city-level governance, including action within urban settings and by intermediary organisations
  4. Role of evaluation in Agenda 2020 and 2030
  5. Risk assessment as a tool for advancing sustainability in environmental evaluation

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